A WHO Collaborating Centre  in Traditional Medicine

The Traditional Medicine Research Institute and WHO Collaborating Centre for Research in Traditional Medicine is an organ of the National Centre for Research, Ministry of Science and Technology dedicated to the study of traditional Sudanese health care systems.

TMRI offers research grants and technical assistance to researchers in all areas of traditional health care in Sudan, and provides support and training for aspiring researchers, gives consultations and assistance to organizations (donors, technical agencies, and NGO’s).

Organization Structure

—    Director

—    Advisory Board

—    Administrative and financial Affairs Section

—    Scientific affairs section

—    Documentation and Information Department

—    Medical, Physical and psychotherapy departments

Advisory Board

1Prof. Sami Ahmed Khalid
2Prof. Ahmed Al Safi
3Prof. Taha Baasher
4African & Asian Studies (Folklore)
5Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Research Institute
6Sudanese Society for Control of Harmful Practices
7Mr. Al Tayib Muhammad Al Tayib
8Prof. Ahmed Alhindi

Responsibilities of the Advisory Board

—    Define polices for the promotion of traditional medicine research in the Sudan and the region.

—    Identify priorities for traditional medicine research in the Sudan and the Region.

—    Assess and evaluate TMRI research programmes in the light of the stated objectives.

—    Coordinate TMRI activities with various bodies working in this area.

Facilities & Services Available

—    Nuclear Museum

—    Documentation Centre

—    Training Facilities

—    Library

—    Online Bibliography

—    Online Materia Medica


P.O. Box 2404 – Khartoum, Sudan

Telephone: +(249-183) 784882 – 784895

Fax: +(249-183) 773771 – 770701

E-mail: tmri_cnr@hotmail.com

Website: sudan-health.net

WHO: https://www.who.int/

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